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Martin Seligman: Flourish


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Luskin: Forgive for LoveBrantley & Hanauer: The Gift of Loving Kindness
Klein: The Healing Power of HumorRath & Clifton: How Full Is Your Bucket?
Brady: A Little Book Of Listening SkillsRyan: The Power of Patience



Books by Martin Seligman, Ph.D.

  1. Authentic Happiness,  1998
  2.  Learned Optimism, 2006
  3. The Optimistic Child, 2007
  4. Flourish, 2011

Other books on Positive Psychology (not a comprehensive list)

  1. Positive Psychology at the Movies
    by Ryan Niemiec and Danny Wedding, 2008
  2. Mastering Happiness,
    by Joel Wade, Ph.D., 2007
  3. Forgive for Love
    by Dr. Fred Luskin, 2007
  4. The Gift of Loving Kindness
    by Mary Brantley & Tesilya Hanauer
  5. How Full Is Your Bucket?
    by Tom Rath & Donald Clifton, 2005
  6. The Healing Power of Humor
    by Allen Klein, 1989
  7. The Power of Patience
    by M.J. Ryan, 2003
  8. The Little Book of Listening Skills
    by Mark Brady, Ph.D. andJennifer Austin Leigh, 2005

The Journal of Positive Psychology

Health and Living: The science of well-being
(by Shanti in the Kathmandu Post)

Positive psychology focuses on what makes us happy
(by Shanti in the Albuquerque Journal)

Shanti's Sunday sermon at the Unity Church in Taos, September 1, 2013:




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